Updating to Advanced Analytics Updating to Advanced Analytics

Updating to Advanced Analytics

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Advanced Analytics introduces new metrics and charting features to the Zype platform, while ensuring that you don't lose access to any data points previously available. This document outlines the updates you can expect as you move from the legacy Analytics menu to the new Advanced Analytics product.

Below is a screenshot of the Legacy Analytics Dashboard:


Below is a screenshot of the Advanced Analytics Dashboard:



Engagement Analytics

Mertrics focused on how viewers are accessing and engaging with content have been transitioned into the new Advanced Analytics product.

Category Legacy Analytics Report New Report
Video Engagement Analytics Most Requested

Data Explorer View – Asset Name Dimension

Distribution View - Trending Titles Report

Most Watched

Data Explorer View – Asset Name Dimension

Video Player Impressions – Geography

Data Explorer View – Country Dimension


Distribution View – Device Module

Data Explorer View – Device Dimension

Players Distribution View – Player Report

Browsers and 

Operating Systems

Distribution View – Browser Report

Data Explorer View – Browser Dimension

Hours Watched

Trends View – Playtime Report

Total Plays Trends View – Plays Report
Attribution Analytics Tracking Domains Data Explorer View – Domain Dimension
Tracking Partners N/A


Streaming Analytics

These metrics are a server-side measurement of hours of content streamed by viewers, calculated using the number of bytes delivered to your audience over a given period of time as well as the renditions and bitrates streamed during that delivery.

For more information about the methodology and differences between Engagement and Streaming measurements, read this article

Legacy Analytics Report New Location
Total Stream Hours Accessed via Stream Hours in the Tools navigation menu.
Live Stream Hours
Download Stream Hours
VOD Stream Hours
Stream Hours by Video
Stream Hours by Geography
Stream Hours by Consumer
Stream Hours by Device


Revenue Analytics

Reports focused on revenue, transactions, and subscriptions have been integrated into their individual landing pages under the Video CRM product in the left navigation menu. 

Legacy Analytics Report New Location
Activity Stream Video CRM > Activity Stream
Monthly Revenue

Video CRM > Subscriptions

Video CRM > Transactions

New Subscriptions Video CRM > Subscriptions
New Transactions Video CRM > Transactions