Advanced Analytics Overview Advanced Analytics Overview

Advanced Analytics Overview

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Advanced Analytics is Zype's new generation of video and distribution data collections, providing a range of real-time and historical analytics.

Key Features

  • Real-Time Content Analytics
  • Multi-Device Data Aggregation 
  • Live and VOD Data
  • Video-Level Drop Off Analysis
  • Metric Leaderboards
  • Custom Report Exports

Available Views

Content Performance 

  • Trends: Quick key time-based metrics related to video viewership and engagement.
  • Analysis: Compare content performance against different periods of time. 
  • Distribution: Break down key dimensions based on distribution factors such as Device, Network Type and Platform.
  • Video Insights: Explore individual video engagement metrics over time and by day of week.
  • Data Explorer: Leaderboard tables with multiple dimensions of data.
  • Report: Select key metrics and export the custom data. 

Prerequisites for Using Advanced Analytics

  • Access to a Zype account in good standing
  • Must use Zype's web player

How to Get Started

Contact your Zype account manager or our support team if you already have a Zype account and are interested in enabling Advanced Analytics.