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Data Explorer View

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The Data Explorer View displays leaderboard tables with multiple dimensions of data including country, device, video, subscriber type, browser, and more.


Definition of Dimensions

  • Sessions: Ongoing Play events over the selected time and date range. It is expected that Sessions count will exceed Play events.
  • Unique Viewers: Number of individual viewers who watch at least one video.
  • Attempts: The action made to playback a video. This count includes unsuccessful and successful actions. 
  • Plays: Each time at least one frame of a video is served to a viewer. This count excludes unsuccessful attempts. 
  • Playtime (min): Total duration a video was played. This includes buffering events and seek behavior.
  • Startup Delay (sec): Measures the time the viewer waits for the video to play. Calculated by the time from an Attempt to the first frame of video being viewed. 
  • Buffering Ratio (%): The percentage of total Playtime spent in buffering.
  • EBVS (%): Exits Before Video Starts; indicates the percentage of video playback sessions that were abandoned by the viewer before the first frame of the video is played. This excludes playback failures due to Errors.

Data in this view is filterable by global time and dimension filters, and can be exported by clicking the export button Screen_Shot_2021-03-23_at_9.08.58_PM.png.