Configuring Marketplace Connect (SVOD) on Roku Configuring Marketplace Connect (SVOD) on Roku

Configuring Marketplace Connect (SVOD) on Roku

Tomas Dieguez Tomas Dieguez

This guide acts as complementary documentation to Creating a Roku App using the Zype Template. The purpose of this article is to guide Zype users through configuring Marketplace Connect in the Roku app template. This article covers updating the Roku app template, setting up in-app purchases in the Roku marketplace, and testing the Roku app prior to public release.

Note: This article covers subscription purchases only.


  1. Unlock Marketplace Connect
  2. Map (In-Channel) Product Identifiers on your Zype plans
  3. Configuring Roku App Template & Zype Roku App profile
  4. Set up In-App Products on Roku Developer Dashboard
  5. Set up Push Notification URL to receive account activity notifications in the Roku developer account

If you have not already done so, please contact Zype to unlock Marketplace Connect. You can do so with the Contact Zype to learn more button under the Marketplace Connect Setup tab under VIDEO CRM -> Settings -> Subscription Plans -> [Plan Name].




After Marketplace Connect has been enabled, you can go back to your Settings -> Subscription Plans, where you will be able to select the desired plan and add the relevant Marketplace ID for Roku. This is the in-channel product id that will be associated with your selected subscription plan.



- At the moment, the Roku app requires manual setup in the code before it configured for Native SVOD.


Inside the source/config.json file, update the marketplace_connect_svod flag from false to true. The flag is false by default. Additionally, you will need to hardcode the subscription_plan_ids as defined for each of the Plan Names you set up in Zype; and update the native_to_universal_subscription flag from false to true as well.


The relevant section of your config.json file should look similar to this:

"marketplace_connect_svod": true,
"subscription_plan_ids": [


- On your Roku App profile (in Zype), have the IN-APP SUBSCRIPTION/PURCHASING & UNIVERSAL SUBSCRIPTION toggles enabled.



In order to set up your In-App Products on Roku Developer Dashboard, you will need to do the following:

1. Have a Roku Developer account enrolled in Roku's Partner Payouts Program. This is required if you monetize your content with Roku. You can start the process for enrollment by going to Developer dashboard -> My Developer Info -> Payment Information. Once you are enrolled in Roku's program you can create In-App Products.

2. Create a Monthly/Yearly Subscription. To create a new In-App Product you can go to Manage In-Channel Products page and click the Add a Product button.

  • The Channel should be set the to Roku app that you want the IAP to be available on;
  • The Product Name is the display name of the product when the user is about to purchase the IAP. It is recommended that the name be more general as this will appear on all video purchases;
  • The Identifier should match the Marketplace Connect ID that you put under each of your Zype Plans, in step 2;
  • The Purchase Type should be Monthly Subscription or Yearly Subscription;
  • Select the desired Price Tier. This is whatever you want to charge for your subscription. Note: there is no correlation between the price you set on the Roku marketplace vs the other marketplaces;
  • Cleared for Sale should be set to Yes. The IAP will not appear otherwise.

3. After creating your IAPs:

  • Go to Developer dashboard -> Web API Settings -> Roku API Key;
  • Copy and paste the Roku API Key on your Roku App Profile, in Zype, under the SAVE AND PUBLISH tab. This is needed to allow Zype access to validate Roku receipts on your behalf. Once Zype can validate the receipt, it will entitle the user to the subscription on the Zype platform.


4. Once you have created your IAP and provided Zype with your Roku API Key, your Roku app should be configured for Marketplace Connect SVOD. Remember to select "My channel contains in-channel subscriptions." under Monetization when you are in the submission process.


Set up Push Notification URL to receive account activity notifications in the Roku developer account

As a publisher, you can subscribe to transaction notification messages from Roku Pay. This enables you to receive purchases, cancellations, and refund/service credit requests in real-time and update your backend system accordingly.


To provide the endpoint to receive Roku Pay push notifications, follow these steps:
  1. Enter a secure URL. Roku push notifications are sent via HTTPS/SSL.
  2. Click Save Changes.
  3. To temporarily disable Roku Pay push notifications, select the Stop sending billing notifications check box. Clear this check box to resume push notifications.