Playout Channel Validation Playout Channel Validation

Playout Channel Validation

Chris Smith Chris Smith

When building Playout Channels, Zype performs a number of validation checks against your source playlist to ensure optimal player and streaming experiences.


These validations are performed during both the initial channel build as well as channel update processes. Read more about the validation tests that Zype performs during channel builds and learn how to fix common issues that occur.

Validation Type What We're Looking For How to Fix This
Zype-Hosted Videos Zype Playout Channels only support videos with Zype-hosted data sources. This means your playlist may only contain videos that are uploaded and encoded by Zype, and cannot include videos with non-Zype data sources (e.g., YouTube, Self-Hosted, etc.).

If you see this error message when building a Playout Channel, please visit the source playlist and remove any non-Zype hosted videos.

You may also select an alternate playlist that contains only Zype-hosted videos.

No Matching Variants

Zype-hosted videos in playlists used for Zype Playout Channels must share at least one common encoding variant. Specifically all videos must have at least one encoding output of 1080p, 720p, 480p, or 240p in common (or if you have a custom encoding setup, one of those alternate variants).

Playout channels are presented as a single linear live HLS stream where the master manifest includes child variants based on the videos in your source playlist.

We provide a table that shows any videos in the source playlist that don't conform to the Playout Channel variants. You can work with Zype Support to have your videos re-encoded to match your Playout Channel variants.
Missing Common Variants Similar to the example above, but if you don't see an expected child variant included in your Playout Channel build, this may be the result of a few videos in your source playlist not being encoded to include those specific variants. Again, we recommend working with Zype Support to have your videos re-encoded to match your desired Playout Channel variants.