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Track Partner Attribution with Tracking Codes Follow

If you distribute content to third party websites today, and you're already familiar with how to embed a video onto your site, you'll want to consider taking advantage of tracking partner attribution using tracking codes.  

Partner codes available on the Zype web embed allow you to track attribution on purchases that are made for subscriptions, rentals, or one-time purchases.

This way, you can add a paywalled player embed to a webpage with a tracking partner code parameter specified in it, and any purchases that go through would be tracked against that tracking partner code.

For example:

  • Webpage A
    Tracking partner code = Walmart
  • Webpage B
    Tracking partner code = Amazon
Video Title Transaction Type

Tracking Partner

Tracking Code
Cinderella Rental


Frozen Rental Amazonstreaming Amazon

If 20 purchases happen on Webpage A, you will see 20 purchases on your transactions CSV export in Zype with tracking partner code = "Walmart"

If 10 purchases happen on Webpage B, you will see 10 purchases on your transactions CSV export in Zype with tracking partner code = "Amazon"

Configuring Partner Codes

Step 1: Copy your embed code and add new parameters

Screen_Shot_2020-04-20_at_4.18.56_PM.png Add in the following parameters with your desired values:


Your embed code will resemble this:


Step 2: Complete a purchase

Using the web embed, your customers will be able to view your paywall:


And complete a purchase:


Step 3: Review your transactions CSV




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