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Youtube RTMP Broadcasting

Why is my broadcast low quality?

When your playout channel is built, it scans the videos in your playlist for the highest common rendition on the videos. The broadcast will then stream using that rendition.

For example, if the highest common rendition among videos is 480, your broadcast will stream in 480. If the highest common rendition among videos is 1080, your broadcast will stream in 1080.

As part of preparing to build your playout channel, you should check the videos in the source playlist to confirm that the highest common rendition is the quality you desire. 

How do I add or remove videos to my channel that is currently broadcasting?

If you are adding or removing videos from an existing broadcast, the best practice is to end the current broadcast, and create a new one using the same playout destination. 

It is critical that you set the end time of the existing broadcast to a time prior to the start time of the new broadcast. If you do not, the new broadcast will not start. 

If you need information on modifying playout channels, visit this article. The order of operations to accomplish this is as follows:

  1. Update your source playlist to include the desired content
  2. Modify your existing playout channel to add an end time
  3. Create a new playout channel with a start time that occurs after the end time of the existing playout channel




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