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Retrieve Program Guide Entry Data for Display in Apps Follow

Get Program Guide Entry Data for Rendering in Apps

In order to display Program Guides and Program Guide Entries in a web app or native CTV or Mobile app, you’ll need to integrate with Zype’s Program Guide APIs.

Once your Linear Channels have been associated with a given program guide in Zype, you can now see the matching Program Guide ID in Zype’s standard video API response. This program_guide_id value tells you that the linear channel has an associated program guide in the Zype platform.


The View Program Guide API endpoint allows you to retrieve details for a given program guide. You can use the program_guide_id provided in the Videos API response to retrieve details on that Program Guide.


The List Program Guide Entries API endpoint allows you to retrieve all program guide entries associated with a given program guide. This is the API endpoint you want to call when determining what program schedule data to render within a program guide page/view in your application.


Using these APIs, you’ll be well on your way towards creating captivating program guide experiences for your audience!


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