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What are Playout Channels

Playout channels are linear live channels created from existing on-demand Zype-hosted videos available in your Zype video library. Playout channels can appear on your website and applications just as live channels would appear. Zype supports the ability to program your channel, as well as the ability to enable paywalls or registration requirements.

Zype works to normalize video bitrates, renditions, and aspect ratios from different videos in your library to provide a cohesive, high-quality stream experience in your channel.

How to Create Playout Channels

Channels are created by first creating a playlist in the Zype Admin that contains all the video content you’d like to appear in your channel. You may already have an existing playlist you’d like to use as your Playout channel. Within the video list view, you can select a sort order for easy programming by entering the playlist details view and selecting "Manage Videos":





Next you’ll enter the channel creation flow by selecting Playout from the left side navigation menu and selecting the "Create New Playout Channel" button.



Follow the below steps to complete the channel creation flow:

Step 1: Describe your Playout Channel

First, you’ll need to provide basic details about your new Playout channel.

Title: Select a title that will be used as the channel title in any of your O&O app distribution. You can update this title later on.

Source Playlist: Select the playlist that you want to use to create the program rundown for you Playout channel.

Start time: Select a start time for your Playout to begin. As a guideline, Zype recommends allowing at least 24 hours for media processing from the time you create your channel to the time you would like to Playout to begin broadcasting. 

End timeSet an end date and time for your linear playout stream to conclude. This will determine when your stream will stop being sent to any assigned playout destinations. Leave this blank if you would like your playout channel to broadcast continuously, without an end time.

DVR Window: This should remain at 0. Reach out to Zype Support if you would like to have a DVR Window enabled.

LoopSet Loop to ON if you'd like to have your playout channel loop continuously back to the start of the program rundown at the conclusion of all scheduled video playback. This is a good option if you have a finite number of videos in your Playout channel playlist, but want to ensure playback continues undisrupted through a longer playout channel broadcast window. 


Step 2: Confirm Program Rundown

Next you'll want to confirm that the programming for your Playout channel is as expected. From here, you can see the start and end time for each video in your channel according to your assigned start time. If you would like to make changes to this rundown, you'll need to edit the source playlist through your playlists page. Read more on this in the section below, How to Update/Modify Playout Channels.


Step 3: Select Streaming Destinations

Next, choose which destinations you'd like to send your Playout stream to. If you do not see a destination in this list that you would like to distribute to, you can add it in the Create New Destinations page.13-step3.png


Step 4: Confirm Playout

Lastly, you'll confirm Playout. You'll have the option to preview broadcast before your scheduled Playout begins. For for information on this, read below in the Reviewing Playout Channel Broadcasts section.14-step4.png


How to Update/Modify Playout Channels

If you want to edit the details of an existing Playout channel, like the title or the start time, you can enter the Settings page of the channel by selecting the gear icon to the right of the channel name on the Playout channels page.


If you want to edit the rundown of an existing Playout channel, you must first edit the source playlist through your playlists pageOnce done, re-enter the Playout channel Settings page and select “SAVE”.

Note: For Playout channels already broadcasting, once you update your rundown via the source playlist and select SAVE on the Playout channel Settings page, as soon as media broadcasting is completed the broadcast over at the top of the playlist.

How to Use Playout Channels

On the schedule broadcast time, Zype will automatically begin pushing your Playout channel out to your assigned destinations. For O&O, you’ll see a new Playout channel added to your Zype library; you can update the metadata to add a custom thumbnail and add this Playout channel to any curated playlist of your choosing. 

Reviewing Playout Channel Broadcasts

You can preview your Playout broadcast at any time by returning to the Playout channels page and selecting either the channel name or the broadcast icon to the right of the channel name. 


This will bring you to the test broadcast view, where you can preview your Playout stream, review the Destination status, Rundown, and output logs from your channel.



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