Monetizing Playout Broadcasts Monetizing Playout Broadcasts

Monetizing Playout Broadcasts

Zype Product Team Zype Product Team

Options for Playout Monetization

For video product teams interested in monetizing on playout channels, Zype Playout supports standard subscription paywalls, purchase paywalls, and registration requirements. There are a few monetization prerequisites to consider depending on your goals.

For O&O endpoints, paywalls and registration requirements on Playout will function just as they do for video on demand or live videos.

For third party syndication or distribution, paywall settings will not apply; this includes any kind of RTMP-based social distribution. 

Configuring Paywall Monetization

To leverage subscription or purchase paywalls for Zype Playout, you’ll first need to ensure that your paywall settings are properly configured in Zype Admin. Be sure to review the Monetization Overview section of our Help Center to confirm you’ve fulfilled the below prerequisites. 

Prerequisites for Subscription Paywalls

Prerequisites for Purchase Paywalls

Prerequisites for Registration Paywalls