Creating and Managing Playout Broadcast Destinations Creating and Managing Playout Broadcast Destinations

Creating and Managing Playout Broadcast Destinations

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With Zype Playout, video product teams can program, schedule, and broadcast 24/7 linear live channels to their existing owned and operated websites and videos apps, in addition to popular video streaming destinations like YouTube and Twitch. Zype Playout channels can also be distributed to custom destinations that can accept HLS or RTMP. In order to begin broadcasting Playout channels through Zype, you must first create and manage your Playout destinations.

Playout Destination Options

Distributing HLS streams to Owned & Operated Websites & Apps

Zype Playout supports distribution to your owned ^ operated websites and video apps like Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, iOS mobile, or Android mobile. Once you’ve created a Playout channel, you will see a new Zype Playout video source created in your Zype library, similar to any other on-demand or live video. You can modify the metadata for this new Playout video source and add it to playlists, following normal app playlist curation processes. Check out our Playout Channels section to learn how this is configured.

Distributing RTMP to Social Endpoints

A great option for utilizing Zype Playout is pushing out to your social channels like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, or Periscope. Zype provides built-in integrations with these destinations, allowing you to easily configure settings for RTMP broadcast out to your social channels by simply copying and pasting target RTMP URLs and stream keys required to stream to these destinations.

Custom RTMP or HLS Distribution

You can syndicate your linear channels to destinations that accept RTMP or HLS standard streams. Review our below section on How to Create Playout Destinations for details on how to configure this in the Zype Admin.

How to Create Playout Destinations

When creating a Playout destination, you’ll first want to visit the main Playout section in Zype admin and the click into the Manage Destinations button to view the Playout destinations pageHere you can manage your existing destinations, as well as create new destinations by clicking on the Create New Destination button.



When creating a new destination, you can select any of the publishing channels that Zype provides preconfigured integrations with, or you can also create a custom destination that accepts standard RTMP or HLS streams.

When creating destinations, you’ll need to specify a destination type, an output type, a destination title, a destination URL for pushing a stream to, and a stream key. You can also optionally set whether the destination is a primary or backup target.


After creating a destination, that destination will be selectable during the Playout channel creation flow. Take special care when entering destination target URLs or stream keys, as inputting incorrect values here will cause broadcasting errors when pushing out from the Zype Playout service.

How to Update/Modify Playout Destinations

To update an existing Playout destination, simply select click on the settings icon for destination that you want to modify from the main destinations page. You’ll be able to modify all of the configuration settings for this destination using the same workflow as above.


How to Use Playout Destinations

Destinations are assignable as part of the Playout channel creation process. We cover using destinations in more detail in our section on Creating and Managing Playout Channels