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What is Zype Playout

Zype Playout is the easiest way for video product teams to build, monetize, and launch linear live streams using existing videos in their Zype account.

Zype Playout provides simple tools and workflows to select and order a playlist of on-demand videos to create a linear program run down and to schedule the linear stream for publishing and distribution.

With Zype Playout, video product teams can distribute Playout channels to their existing owned and operated websites and videos apps, as well as popular video streaming destinations like YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitter, Twitch, Pluto TV, Sling TV - and any other custom destination that can receive an RTMP or HLS stream.

Prerequisites for Using Zype Playout

Zype Playout is an add-on feature available for Zype customers. To launch a linear channel with Zype Playout you must have:

  • Access to a Zype account in good standing
  • Access to the Playout module in Zype
  • Ability to upload content into the Zype platform 
  • Access to videos that are Zype-hosted videos in their library
  • Ability to provide stream target URLs and stream keys for RTMP streaming destinations (e.g., Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitter, etc.)
  • Ability to configure ingestion settings, and start and stop streams in streaming destinations

How to Get Started

Contact your Zype account manager or our support team if you already have an account and are interested in purchasing Zype Playout.

If you don’t work with Zype yet, but would like to use Zype Playout, please request a demo.


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