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Configuring Marketplace Connect (TVOD) on Apple TV Follow

This guide acts as complementary documentation to Creating an Apple TV App with our App Template. The purpose of this article is to guide Zype users through configuring Marketplace Connect in the Apple TV app template. This article covers updating the Apple TV app template in XCode, setting up in-app purchases in the Apple marketplace, and testing the Apple TV app prior to public release.

Note: This article covers transaction purchases only.


  1. Unlock Marketplace Connect
  2. Update app in XCode
  3. Configure In-App Purchases on App Store Connect

If you have not already done so, please contact Zype to unlock Marketplace Connect. You can do so with the Contact Zype to learn more button under the Marketplace Connect Setup tab under Make Money -> Purchase & Rental Settings.


After Marketplace Connect has been enabled, you can go back to your Purchase & Rental Settings to add your Default Marketplace ID for iTunes. This it the default product id that will be associated with your video purchases.



Inside the Const.swift file inside the Zype folder


update the following:

static let kNativeTvod = true

XCode App Capabilities

Under your project in XCode, go to the project settings (click the blue icon in the directory) and go to the Capabilities tab in the project settings. Enable In-App Purchase.


In order to set up your In-App Purchases on App Store Connect, you will need to do the following:

1. Have an Apple Developer account with a valid Paid Applications Contract. You can submit your info for a contract under App Store Connect -> Agreements, Tax and Banking. Once it is active, you should be able to create your in-app products

2. Select your app under App Store Connect. If you have not created it yet, you need to do the following:

  • Create your Apple App ID under the Apple Developer portal
  • Create your app with the same app id under App Store Connect

3. Create your In-App Purchases by going to your app under App Store Connect. Under Features -> In-App Purchases, there should be a (+) button that will allow you to create a new In-App Purchase. You should select the Consumable as your IAP type. Make sure your consumable has a status of Active or Ready to Submit after saving.


4. After saving your IAP(s) on both Zype platform and App Store Connect, an App-Specific Shared Secret needs to be created. You will need to provide Zype with this secret key for the Zype platform to have permission to validate iTunes Receipts on your behalf. The Zype platform receives the iTunes Receipt after the user purchases the subscription in app and will confirm that the receipt is for a valid subscription.

  • NOTE: Only Apple accounts with Admin level permissions can create shared secrets under App Store Connect. You can check your permissions in App Store Connect under Users and Access



5. After saving your IAPs for your Apple TV app, everything is configured for native, in-app TVOD purchases using Zype's Marketplace Connect.


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