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How to Set Up Registration Paywalls Follow

Setting up Registration Paywalls on videos is a straightforward process.

Step 1 - Turn on 'Require Registration' for a video in your library

Go to any video settings page in your Zype Library and click on the Monetization tab. You'll notice a 'Require Registration' flag that can be turned on.


Step 2 - Add your video embed code to a page on your website

Once 'Require Registration' is turned on, you can now add your embed code to a page on your website. You'll notice that the embed code displays a 'Sign Up' or 'Sign In' option on the paywall for any unauthenticated consumer.

Registration_Wall2.pngConsumer sign up flow

There's no further setup required here! Once you've added the embed code to your site, you'll now require consumers to sign up or sign in to an account within your Zype property before getting access to your videos.




That's it! You've now successfully set up a Registration Paywall on your website!


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