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Configuring Marketplace Connect (SVOD) on Android Mobile Follow


This guide acts as complementary documentation to Creating an Android App with our App Template. The purpose of this article is to guide Zype users through configuring Marketplace Connect in the Android mobile template. This article covers updating the Android mobile template in Android Studio, setting up in-app purchases in the Android marketplace, and testing the Android mobile app prior to public release.

Note: This article covers subscription purchases only.


  1. Unlock Marketplace Connect
  2. Update app in Android Studio
  3. Set up Privacy Policy and Terms of Service links
  4. Configure In-App Products on Google Play Console
  5. Configure In-App Products on Zype Admin
  6. Authenticate your app for Zype Marketplace Connect
  7. Provisioning the Webhook
  8. Test In-App Products

If you have not already done so, please contact Zype to unlock Marketplace Connect. You can do so with the Contact Zype to learn more button under the Marketplace Connect Setup tab under any subscription plan on the Zype platform.

  • You can access a plan under Make Money -> Subscription Plans



Update app in Android Studio

Select the following boolean values under the Monetization section of your file:

// Monetization
public static final boolean NATIVE_SUBSCRIPTION_ENABLED = Boolean.valueOf(“false”);
public static final boolean NATIVE_TO_UNIVERSAL_SUBSCRIPTION_ENABLED = Boolean.valueOf("true");
public static final String[] PLAN_IDS = new String[] { “plan_id_1”, “plan_id2”, … };
public static final boolean SUBSCRIBE_TO_WATCH_AD_FREE_ENABLED = Boolean.valueOf("false");
public static final boolean UNIVERSAL_SUBSCRIPTION_ENABLED = Boolean.valueOf(“false”);
public static final boolean UNIVERSAL_TVOD = Boolean.valueOf("false");

*Make sure you fill in the PLAN_IDS above with the corresponding Subscription Plans' IDs found in your Zype Account on Make Money > Subscription Plans. You will find the relevant ID by scrolling down to the bottom of the page after selecting the plan.



You'll want to make sure your Privacy Policy and Terms of Service links are accessible in the apps prior to submitting an app with in-app products. If you have not already configured these for another app, you will need to do the following on the Zype platform:

1. Create a "content" Zobject Type. The Zobject Type should have a title of "content" and a custom attribute of "link" with the String type


2. After creating the "content" Zobject Type, create "content" Zobjects for privacy_policy_url and a terms_of_service_url. The titles are case sensitive and the links should be links to your privacy policy and terms of service on your website. The links appear on the IAP selection screen and will redirect the user to these links when clicked.



Configure In-App Products on Google Play Console

1. Go to your Play Console.

2. Select your app.

3. Select Store presence > In-app products > Subscriptions > Create Subscription.


4. Enter required details (matching your Zype plans settings) and set to ACTIVE.



Configure In-App Products on Zype Admin

1. Go to Zype plans.

2. Click on your plan name or the gear icon and navigate to Marketplace Connect Setup tab at the top. Locate the table next to Marketplace IDs, select googleplay Marketplace and enter the Product Identifier. You will need to follow these steps for each of your plans.




Authenticate your app for Zype Marketplace Connect

After covering the steps to set up your IAPs above, you need to send Zype your app public key to authenticate the app for the Zype Marketplace Connect service. This step is mandatory, as finalizing your marketplace connect authentication requires action on the Zype side.

1. Go to Google Play console.

2. Select your app.

3. Select Development Tools > Services & APIs

4. You will see the key in the section Licensing & in-app billing.

5. Copy the code and visit your Video Apps page to select your Android app build. Input the key into the Public Key section and select Update to save.Screen_Shot_2019-05-14_at_3_57_01_PM.png 


Provisioning the Webhook

Once we get your Public Key, we will reply to the ticket you previously sent with your webhook. You will need to add this to your Google Play console as instructed below.

1. Go to Google Play console.

2. Select your app.

3. Select Development Tools > Services & APIs

4. Scroll down to Real-time developer notifications and paste the following Topic name: projects/zypeconnect/topics/your-zype-account-name

5. Click SAVE.



Test In-App Products

Upload your APK under the Internal Test Track which will allow you to test the app as a beta tester and Promote the app to Production once you feel the app is ready to go live.

1. Go to your Play Console.

2. Select your app.

3. Select Release management > App releases.

4. Scroll down to Internal test track and click on MANAGE.


5. Click on CREATE RELEASE, add the APK and SAVE.



6. Back on the Internal Test track, create a testers list by clicking on CREATE LIST. Choose a Title and add your Google Play Store account as a beta tester (you can add more beta testers to the list as well) and SAVE it.

7. Back on the Users section, check the box next to the list you want to use.

8. You will find the Opt-in URL at the bottom that you can share with the testers.





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