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Uploading from an Amazon S3 Bucket Follow

Zype provides the option to import video content directly from folders in your Amazon S3 bucket at Amazon Web Services (AWS). The AWS console allows outside accounts, like Zype, to access your bucket while keeping your bucket otherwise secure from the public.

Below we provide step-by-step instructions on how to configure your AWS console to allow Zype to read the contents of your bucket.

Please note: Zype can provide a one-time sync uploading folders from your S3 bucket. Zype does not trace for duplicates within these folders; if you have the same video file placed within multiple folders in your S3 bucket, your Zype library will contain duplicate videos.

  1. Log in to the AWS Management Console
  2. Navigate to S3 and select the bucket to which you wish to grant Zype access
  3. Click on the “Permissions” tab
  4. Click the “+ Add account” button
  5. Enter ID: 6a10d1251a2e5d893b867f108d973fe4a5c751830bbc302695f1979c00f0c786
  6. Give permission to “List objects”
    • Note: Do not allow the account “Write bucket” permission as that will allow Zype to create/update objects in your bucket.

Once you are sure your bucket contains all the videos you want Zype to import, you simply need to navigate to the Import & Upload page on the Zype dashboard, and select An Amazon S3 Bucket under the Upload options.


Once you click the upload button, our in-app messaging will appear for you to contact us to get started. Please provide Zype with the following information to complete the upload from your Amazon S3 Bucket:

  • S3 bucket name(s)
  • Folder(s) from the S3 bucket to be uploaded (if applicable)



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