Unlocking Tizen App Profile & Accessing the Template Unlocking Tizen App Profile & Accessing the Template

Unlocking Tizen App Profile & Accessing the Template

Chris Smith Chris Smith

This article will guide you through unlocking your Samsung Tizen app profile in Zype and accessing the Tizen app template. Note, completing build out and submission of the Tizen app requires strong technical knowledge and it may be most suitable to partner with a developer resource to successfully launch your new Tizen app.

Step 1 - Unlock Tizen app profile

Visit the Video Apps marketplace and filter by "Connected TV apps" to find the Samsung Tizen app endpoint.


Complete the simple two step unlock flow to unlock access to Samsung Tizen app profile and generate your app keys.


Step 2 - Visit Zype's Tizen App Recipe

You're now ready to start building your Samsung Tizen app. To get started, visit the Tizen app publishing recipe provided by Zype to get a step by step guide on how to compile and configure your Tizen app template to pull content in from your Zype account. Please complete each step in the app recipe in order to fully configure your app.


Step 3 - Submit your app to the Samsung marketplace

You must create a Samsung seller account in order to submit your app to the Samsung app marketplace. Once you've created a seller account, please follow the steps provided in the Samsung app marketplace in order to complete submission of your new Tizen app!

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