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  1. Install Xcode
  2. Install Cocoapods
  3. Create an Apple TV App Bundle

Installing Your App Bundle

Once your .zip file download is complete, unzip the file to reveal its contents.

Navigate to your project folder. Open the Podfile in a text editor (i.e. TextEdit), and change the ZypeAppName to your app name. In this example, my app name is IntergalacticSportsNetwork. Make sure to save your changes before/upon closing this file (Command + S).


Open a Command Line (the Terminal application comes preinstalled on Mac) and “cd”, which is short for change directory into the folder that your unzipped Apple TV app bundle is saved in.

If you don’t change the name of the folder that you download from the Zype platform or your email, and you downloaded and saved the folder to your Downloads, you will type the following commands into Terminal.

Type, cd Downloads and hit enter.

Type ls and hit enter.

Type cd and the name of your application folder. In this example, you would type original (13) or drag the app bundle folder into Terminal and hit enter.

You’ve successfully navigated to the correct application folder! If you have not installed Cocoapods (see prerequisites above), you will not be able to complete this next command.

With Cocoapods installed, the final command you will type into Terminal is pod install and hit enter.


This command will generate a workspace file (.xcworkspace) that you can open in Xcode.

Make sure that you open the application workspace in Xcode ([Your_app_name].xcworkspace - NOT [Your_app_name].xcodeproj).

Running a Simulation of the App

Once the code is indexed, you can run a simulation of the app.

Click the play button in the top left of the screen and choose what device to run or simulate the program on.


App Customizations (Optional)


You can update the Theme color by navigating to Zype > Info.plist and modifying the value to either "Dark" or "Light".



In order to add Native Subscription (Native SVOD) follow this guide.



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