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Amazon Fire TV - Images (Java based) Follow

You will need the following images prepared before you can publish your Amazon Fire (Java) app. Below we have outlined the assets required both in the app and during submission.


App Assets

Launcher Icon

This is where the launcher icon will show. The launcher icon should be 512 x 512 px (transparency is optional). This image is called the ic_launcher.png in the app.




Company Logo

This image should be a transparent image and approximately 356 x 108 px. The image is called logo_company.png in the app. This image will show when the app is launching



and in the top left corner of the app's Home.



Marketplace Assets

Fire TV App Icon

This image is the app icon that will show up on Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick devices. This image is not included in the app build but is uploaded during the app submission process. The image needs to be a 1280 x 720 px PNG with no transparency



Background Image

A background image is required when submitting apps to the Amazon Fire TV marketplace. The background image needs to be a 1920 x 1080 px PNG or JPG (transparency is optional). This image is used in the background when the user searches for the app on the marketplace.




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