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Introduction to Usage Follow

Zype tracks many types of usage metrics to record engagement and activity on each account. This usage is also an indicator to customers of potential upcoming service fees to accounts, depending on their contract. Below is a detailed list of current usage Zype tracks. 


Type of Usage Description
Transcode Hours The total duration of live and VOD content that has been converted to a Zype-hosted source. One hour video = one transcode hour.
Free-to-watch Stream Hours The total hours of content streamed by your consumers for free videos without paywalls or ads.
Paywall transactions/Subscribers per month  The total number of subscribers and transactions (purchase, rental, pass plans, and redemption codes) during this time period. This includes who have canceled during this timeframe.
Ad Requests The total number of requests made by Zype to your ad server. Ad requests are still accrued if your ad server fails to fill an ad spot. 


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