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Zype's Content Management APIs allow you to import videos, manage metadata, curate and organize content, set up distribution content rules, and much more. Below you'll find a list of our Content Management API endpoints, along with a brief description of what they do and a link to the developer documentation.

  • Videos API - used to create, update, delete, and retrieve videos in your video library. You should use this API whenever you'd like to add new videos to your Zype library, update metadata on videos, add or change thumbnail images, or set published/enabled/disabled at dates. This is also a great endpoint for listing / retrieving videos in your library.
  • Playlists API - used to create, update, delete, and retrieve playlists in your video library. Playlists are curated sets of videos in your Zype library, often used for displaying content to your audience in your video apps or websites. Use this API if you're creating new playlists, adding or removing videos from playlists, creating or managing playlist relationships, or setting smart ordering rules within playlists.
  • Categories API - used to create, update, delete, and retrieve categories in your video library. Categories are useful metadata objects that allow you to tag videos and playlists in your Zype library for organization. Categories can also be used to automate curation into playlists (via Category playlists).
  • Zobject Types API - Used to create, update, delete, and retrieve Zobject types from your Zype property. Zobjects are custom metadata objects you can create and associate with your videos. In order to use Zobjects, you must first create a Zobject Type (think of it as a category of Zobject). Once you've created a Zobject Type, you'll then create Zobjects to go into that category (think of Zobjects as tags within their respective Zobject Type category). If you haven't used Zobjects before, you can learn more about working with Zobjects in our help center article.
  • Zobjects API - used to create, update, delete, and retrieve Zobjects within Zobject Types. Use this API to add or manage Zobjects within your existing Zobject Type categories. You can also associate videos with Zobjects using the Zobjects API.
  • Segments API - used to create, update, delete, and retrieve segments on videos in your video library. Segments are special metadata that you can add to individual videos where you associate descriptive text within a specific timeframe of a video. You can use the segments API to create new segments, but also to retrieve segments for display on websites or video apps.
  • Subtitles API - used to create, update, delete, and retrieve subtitles. You should use this API if you'd like to upload and attach subtitles to a video in your Zype library. Subtitle files must be Base64 encoded prior to upload.
  • Program Guides API - used to create, update, delete, and retrieve Program Guides. Program Guides are typically XML based documents associated with a linear live stream that allows you to display information related to the programming of the video content in the live stream in your video apps and websites.
  • Video Sources API - used to create, update, delete, and retrieve your video sources. Video sources allow you to import content from 3rd party hosts. Zype's Video Sources API allows you to access all your existing video sources. You can use the video sources API to create and manage MRSS video sources.
  • Video Imports API - used to retrieve your video imports and create new videos in your video library from video imports. Anytime you import videos into Zype from a 3rd party host, a video import is created. You can choose to add these videos to your Zype library using the Video Imports API.


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