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How to set up an ad fallback / waterfall using DFP Small Business Follow

How to set up a fallback using DFP Small Business

Setting up an ad fallback, also known as a waterfall, allows you to make a request to a secondary ad SSP in case your first ad request does not fill. This is useful if you work with multiple ad SSPs and would like to maximize your chances to fill ad requests.

Google DFP is a popular ad server that allows you to easily configure ad fallbacks / waterfalls using multiple ad SSPs. DFP supports video fallback on all VAST redirect creatives using the IMA 3 SDK and Google Publisher Tags. This allows publishers to define a priority of ads when the first ad tag delivered has not filled the ad impression.

1. Under Admin Settings ensure “Enable video fallback” is checked


2. Review ads to ensure they are all using VAST Redirect creative types

3. Once live check reporting by adding “fallback position” under the video section of the report dimensions.  This will allow you to make adjustments to the priority of campaigns to ensure maximum fill.

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