Subscription Widgets Subscription Widgets

Subscription Widgets

Alina Zoraian Alina Zoraian

There are 3 subscriptions widgets that can be added to your website: The subscription widget, device linking widget, and account management widget.


To access subscription widgets, on the Zype navigation menu click Subscriptions, then click Subscription Settings. All widgets can be found by navigating to "Make Money" and clicking "Subscription Settings".





Subscription Widget

The subscription widget is used for viewers who only need to sign up for a subscription to watch content on your website. The viewer does not have a device (Roku, Amazon, Apple, etc.) that they need to link to their subscription.


Device Linking Widget

The device linking widget will be used for viewers who need to sign up for a subscription and link their device (Roku, Amazon, Apple, etc.). This they can watch content on their OTT devices.


Account Management Widget 

The account management widget will allow subscribers to change their password, change their subscription plan, cancel their subscription, or change their credit card.




Note: if you are using the embeds and the consumer cancels a subscription through them, the subscription record will be permanently deleted from Zype and the consumer will no longer have access to the content. If you would like to have more dynamic options regarding cancellations, you may benefit from using our Monetization APIs instead.