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Managing Entitlements Follow

 Consumer Entitlements are the different Videos that consumers have access to through purchases or code redemptions. They receive entitlements through individual monetization of Videos, or through the monetization of Playlists or Pass Plans. 

Step 1

To manage these entitlements, first navigate to the monetization dashboard by selecting Make Money on the left navigation menu.

Step 2

From here, click on Consumers to see all of your Consumers.

Step 3

For each consumer you will see the Videos column.

Step 4

You can click on the number of videos for a consumer to view all of their entitlements

Step 5

From here you can see information about the entitlements, such as the Video and Expiration Date of the entitlement. You can also Delete specific entitlements.

Step 6

If you would like you can also delete all of a consumers entitlements with the Delete All button.


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