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Roku Advanced Settings Follow

Selecting a channel template and uploading a channel image takes most of the hard work out of branding your Roku Channel. However, if you want to further specialize your Roku Channel, you can use your "Advanced Settings."

Start by going to "Manage Apps" on the Zype menu and selecting your Roku channel. At the bottom of the page click "Edit Advanced Settings."


Advanced Settings has a lot of options! The "Main" and "Images" tabs are where you can make the most changes.

In the "Main" tab, you can change which playlist is to be featured at the top of your Roku channel and you can change the category to iterate through for the rest of your Roku Channel.


In the "Images" tab, you can change the banner image, search icon, information icon, and the description bubble. 

You can upload a new image and refresh your Roku Channel to see it being changed in real time.


You can also change your channel "build details." Note, if you change images in your build details, like your store image or splash screen, you will need to resubmit your channel to Roku.

If you have not yet submitted your Roku channel, you will need to grab a new bundle of your Roku channel.



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