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Getting Comfortable With The Dashboard Follow

 Through Zype's Analytics dashboard, users can discover audience insight and activate untapped audiences while managing video analytics

Start by navigating to the Analytics page. Here you will be able to see insights of customer usage over the last 30 days. 

You can get more detailed reports by clicking on each report. Here you can customize the date range you want to view by selecting a specific start and end date before clicking "refresh".

You can also get exact values for each day by hovering your mouse over specific points of the chart.

Scroll down for more player impressions, including a device breakdown, player type and revenue models.

Below that you can find the average play per minute stream, average number of hours watched, total play and ad revenues etc.

Like before and for every report on this page, you can click on the data for more detailed metrics and the ability to customize your own date range. 

There is a catagory for every monetization option. This is a great tool to help content owners track customer usage in order to make informed marketing and distribution decisions.  



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