Smart TV Guide

This document will help you make design decisions about your Zype-powered Smart TV channel(s). Here are the major design areas that will determine what your channel looks like at launch:

1. Image assets

2. Image asset checklist


Image Assets

Channel store icon

720px x 720px, PNG 

You will need one channel store icon. 

Channel logo

970px x 720px, PNG

This is your logo shown in the top left-hand corner of your channel. 

Video thumbnails​

Thumbnails for your videos are automatically generated by Zype during the transcoding process. You can choose one of these generated thumbnails or upload your own in each video.

Custom thumbnails are autoscaled by Zype to fit within Smart TV channels. You only need to add custom thumbnails once ​ (If you’ve added them already, no need to do this per channel).




Optional Imagery

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Image Asset Checklist 

Here’s a checklist of all the required image assets for Smart TVs.
Please note that channel store icons must be PNG 24 or 32 bits.

Name Size Required
Channel store icon 720x720 px PNG yes
Channel logo 970x720 px PNG yes





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