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CrunchyRoll Import Follow

Zype’s Crunchyroll Import tool allows you to import videos from your Crunchyroll account to Zype. Zype will sync with Crunchyroll to upload new videos into your library on a daily basis.

NOTE: Crunchyroll videos are web-only, meaning that they are not supported by OTT app endpoints.

To upload your Crunchyroll videos to Zype, follow the steps below.

1. On the Zype navigation menu, click Import & Upload, then on the Import & Upload page, click Crunchyroll.


2. On the Import from Crunchyroll page, enter a name for your Crunchyroll Video Source (something you’ll remember!) and your Crunchyroll Affiliate code (this is provided to you by Crunchyroll when you become an affiliate.).

3. Select your preferred Auto-Add and Auto-activate settings before completing the import. If you choose not to automatically use these features, you will have to go back and manually add the imported videos to your library and manually activate them.

4. Click Import from Crunchyroll.

After you’ve successfully imported your Crunchyroll videos, you can view or edit the video details by clicking the Manage Your Videos button.



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