Below you'll see some commonly asked questions on zype video pages. If you've got a question we haven't answered yet, please email and we will get back to you!


Which plans are eligible to use zype video pages?

All plans are eligible to publish content to zype pages. If you're having any trouble, make sure you've met our prerequisites outlined HERE and followed the steps to unlock zype pages HERE

Is there an additional cost if I'd like to publish on zype video pages?

Nope, there is no additional cost in order to use zype pages; you can unlock and create unlimited pages and all existing usage pricing remains the same. Simply follow the steps to unlock pages to get started HERE

I want to share my zype shortlink on social media - which outlets does Zype support?

You can easily share your zype page shortlink on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. Once your zype page is created, in the bottom right corner you may select the social outlet icon you'd wish to distribute to and follow the sign-in and post steps for that platform.

I’d like to add text to my Facebook post telling my followers what this is - where can I do that?

There are two spots where you can edit the text that appears on your final post: (1) Within the Publish to Facebook flow, in the Description box of the Edit Metadata page or (2) On your Facebook page, just like you’d edit any posts, just above your video thumbnail.

I'd like to create multiple zype pages - is there a limit to total pages? Pages per video?

You can create zype pages for as many videos as you'd like. Each video will have one zype page, and once it's created you'll use the shortlink URL to share it. You can share your page multiple times simply by following the social sharing links on the bottom right of your video page.

My video is longer than I'd like to post on my webpage - is there a way to trim it?

You can't trim your video within the zype page creation flow today, but we are working on an update to support this. Email if you'd like an update on this feature release.

I have a paywall on my video - can I make sure this appears on the zype page as well? What if I want to remove it?

All monetization is set based on the paywalls you have configured on your video. Therefore, if you have a paywall set on your video already, this paywall will render on your zype page. Concurrently if you do not have a paywall set on your video, the content on your zype page will be free to watch.

If you'd like to update monetization for a video, this is done in the library on the video level, through the video details page on the monetization tab. Step 2 HERE outlines that process, but keep in mind that this monetization adjustment will affect the paywall in all places where your video is distributed. 

Where can I find analytics on my zype pages?

You can discover more about which analytics are tracked on your zype distributed content HERE

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