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Subscribe to Watch Ad Free

If you'd like to give your consumers flexibility in choosing how they consume your content, while still receiving revenue, enable the subscribe to watch ad-free (SWAF) feature in your app. 

Which apps support SWAF?

  • AFTV FireBuilder (Java based)
  • Roku Scenegraph
  • Apple TV
  • iOS

What is required for SWAF to work?

To enable on AFTV (Java-based):

*Note - Only Java-based AFTV apps support this feature. If you have the HTML5 AFTV app, you will have to update to the Java-based app, rebundle, and resubmit for approval. 

1. Navigate to your AFTV config file (Application/ZypeAPI/src/demo/java/com/zype/fire/api/

2. Locate "App Features"

3. Under "App Features" find "SUBSCRIBE_TO_WATCH_AD_FREE_ENABLED" and set to "true"


4. Save the changes and resubmit your app to Amazon for update.

To enable on Apple TV:

1. Navigate to your Apple TV config file (found in /Const.swift)

2. Search for "Feature Flags"

4. Locate "kSubscribeToWatchAdFree" and set to "true"


5. Resubmit your app for Apple to update

 To enable on Roku:

*Note - This will only work if your Roku app is up-to-date. If you have an outdated app ( the last update was before 10/2017), you will need to update your app, rebundle, and resubmit for approval.

1. Navigate to your Roku config file (found in /config.tmpl.json)

2. Search for "subscribe_to_watch_ad_free" and set to "true"


3. Resubmit your Roku app for update


1. In the Zype dashboard, go to "Manage Apps"

2. Select the Roku app you'd like to update and click "Monetization" found at the top of the page

3. Toggle "Subscribe to Watch Ad Free" on and click "Save Settings"

4. Resubmit app to Roku for update



To enable on iOS:

1. Navigate to your iOS config file (found in /ZypeCommon.h)

2. Find "kSubscribeToWatchAdFree" and set to "YES"

3. Save changes and resubmit your iOS app for update