Versioning in Zype SDKs Versioning in Zype SDKs

Versioning in Zype SDKs

SDK Versioning

Zype SDKs are being continuously updated with newly supported features and bug fixes. With Zype's app builders, sometimes it is difficult to know what features and fixes have been added since you last bundled your app. This is where versioning comes in.

Certain Zype SDKs have version numbers with the most notable being the Apple TV, Amazon Fire (Java-based) and Roku. You can see what the latest version numbers are by checking the respective Github repo and clicking the Releases tab near the top.



When you go into the Releases, you will see a log of all the version numbers that have been released as well as descriptions saying what has been added or changed since the last update.



Where can I check my SDK version?

If you do not know what version of the SDK you have in your app you can open up your app and find it. If you do not see the version numbers at these locations, you probably have an older SDK version before the versions were being tracked in the app.

Inside the Apple TV, the SDK version can be found at the bottom right corner of the Search screen.



Inside the Amazon Fire (Java-based), the SDK version can be found in the bottom of the loading screen when the app is first opening. 



Inside the Roku, the SDK version can be found in the bottom right corner of the About page which can be accessed through the menu (opened with the * button).



If you have not updated your app in a while and want to know what changes have been made since you last created the app, you can check the version number in the app and compare it to the release notes for the SDK on Github.