You can enable "Poster" style thumbnails in your apps. For more information on configuring your Poster thumbnails from the Zype Admin, check out our documentation HERE.

If properly configured in the Zype Admin, poster style thumbnails are supported within the following endpoints:

  • Amazon Fire TV (Java)
  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • Apple iOS
  • Android mobile

Note: There are additional in-app configurations required in order for poster style thumbnails to appear on the Apple iOS and Android mobile applications. Continue reading below. 

Enabling Poster Thumbnails in Mobile Applications

The following apps require configuration to enable Poster style thumbnails. 

The mobile apps have a gallery view which can be enabled to display poster thumbnails. The gallery view displays your videos and playlists in rows of thumbnails, as well as providing support for sliders and poster style thumbnails.

iOS Mobile

To enable Poster thumbnails in iOS, the gallery view needs to be enabled.

To enable the gallery view in iOS, set the kAppAppleTVLayout to YES in ZypeCommon.h

Android Mobile

To enable Poster thumbnails in Android, the gallery view needs to be enabled. 

To enable the gallery view, set PLAYLIST_GALLERY_VIEW to true in In