Branding your Smart TV app: Images and specs Branding your Smart TV app: Images and specs

Branding your Smart TV app: Images and specs

We’ve outlined required and optional image assets for your Smart TV app. These assets apply to any and all Smart TV apps you may have opted into: Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Phillips, Toshiba, Sony, Sharp, HiSense. At the end of this article is a checklist to make sure you have all the necessary assets when you create your Smart TV app.

Required Image Assets 

Channel Store Icon: 

  • 2400px x 2400px, PNG format


Channel Logo

This is your logo shown in the top left-hand corner of your channel.

  • 970px x 720px, PNG format


Dark or light theme background 

Depending on your brand, you’ll either want to go with a:

  1. Dark, heavier theme (dark background with light font colors, like examples above) OR
  2. Light theme (light background with dark font colors)

Brand Color

This is the hover state for different states throughout your app. Be careful to choose a hex color that will pop from your background.

  • Hex color required


Optional Image Assets 

Custom Video Thumbnails 

Thumbnails for your videos are automatically generated by Zype during the transcoding process. You can keep these generated thumbnails or upload your own for each video in the Zype platform. We recommend you consider uploading custom thumbnails as it gives your app a much more polished look.

Note: You only need to add custom thumbnails once (If you’ve already added them for another app, you don’t need to add them again)

  • Standard 16:9 ratio (minimum size: 250px x 141px)
Auto-generated thumbnail:

Custom thumbnail:



Assets Checklist




Channel Store Icon

2400px x 2400px, PNG


Channel Logo

970px x 720px, PNG


Dark OR Light Background Choose option for your brand Yes

Brand Color (accents in your app)

Choose hex color for your brand



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