Introduction to Android Mobile Introduction to Android Mobile

Introduction to Android Mobile

Zype's Android mobile app template makes it easy for you to build, customize, and distribute your content to your audience while providing the best possible user experience. This section provides recommendations to help you structure and monetize your content to best reach your video business goals. You'll also find guidelines to successfully test and submit your app to the Google Play Store.  


Prerequisites for Zype 

If you are building an app for the first time, visit our Introduction to Applications and Distribution to get started.

To successfully test and submit your Android Mobile app there are a few requirements you need to make sure to complete in the Zype platform. Before you can build and submit your app to the Google Play Store for approval you must do the following:

1. Import your content into your Zype library

2. Add video details to content


3. Organize your videos into playlists

4. Create playlist relationships 


The resulting playlist structure within your Android mobile device: 

If you plan to make money from your content through Android Mobile, visit our Monetization section to learn about all the types of monetization Zype supports.

*Note - setting up monetization for your content is not required to submit your app.

Prerequisites for Android Mobile

*Note - a developer resource is strongly recommended.

The Google Play has separate requirements to approve submitted applications. 

1. Create developer account

2. Review required image assets 

3. Review Android Mobile quality guidelines

Testing your app: Overview

Once you've successfully organized your content, customized settings, and built your app, you need to test it out to make sure it works the way you expect. You'll need to complete the following to test your app:

1. Review app settings for monetization and feature options 

2. Download Android Studio

3. Download Android Debug Bridge

4. Follow the testing instructions Android Mobile 

Submitting your app: Overview

After you have tested your app and satisfied with the result, it's time to submit it for approval through the Google Play Store. The approval process timeline depends on how fast Google can test your app and if any issues are discovered during the QA process. For a detailed breakdown of the submission process, visit the Android Mobile page.