Apple TV app submission Apple TV app submission

Apple TV app submission

Add a New App in AppStore Connect

1. Log into App Store Connect and select "My Apps"



2. Click on the + button and select New App



3. Fill out the details of your New App and then click on "Create",


Key items:

  • Platforms --> Select tvOS (you may select iOS later on if you want to build for that platform in the future)
  • Bundle ID --> This should be showing on the drop-down menu for automatically, provided that you've already registered the corresponding Identifier before (make sure you use this ID in Xcode when you are ready to archive the app) 
  • User Access --> Select who should have access to this app depending on the user roles (Limited Access), or make it open to everyone within the organization.

4. You may fill out the App Information now or after you've uploaded your build. This step will be required to submit the app for review eventually.



Archive your app

Once you have tested/previewed your app in Xcode, it's time to Archive your app and submit it to the App Store:

1. In Xcode, select the project name and navigate to the "General" tab - Identity section (#1 from the screenshot below)  2021-03-22_16-47-09.png

Key items:

  • Display Name --> This will be the name featured on your Apple TV's home screen.
  • Bundle Identifier --> This should match the Bundle ID that you configured earlier when adding the app in App Store Connect

2. Click on the drop-down next to your target (#2 from the screenshot above) and select "Any tvOS Device (arm64).


3. Locate the "Signing & Capabilities" tab (next to "General"). While the Release variant is selected, make sure to choose a Provisioning Profile from the corresponding drop-down list. (You can find further information on creating signing certificates here)



4. Locate the menu items at the top; select Product > Archive. Once successful, this process should open up the "Organizer" window where an .xcarchive file is generated for distribution to the App Store.



Distribute your app

1. In the Archives organizer (depicted on the previous step above), select the archive, then click Distribute App. In the next sheet, select App Store Connect for both beta-testing and production-ready submissions,



2. On the next screen, select the Upload option,



3. It's up to you to check/uncheck the options on the next screen. However, it's advisable to keep "Upload your app's symbols..." option to be able to analyze crash reports in Xcode, through your app's lifecycle,



4. Next, select the signing method for App Store distribution,



5. Once the app is successfully signed, you'll be presented with the process' summary. Select the option to Upload next.



* Once the app is successfully uploaded, you should be receiving an email message from "App Store Connect" communicating that your submitted build has completed processing.