Analytics Tracking for Pages Analytics Tracking for Pages

Analytics Tracking for Pages

Analytics are an extremely important part of any feature; if you cannot measure it's effectiveness, how can you determine how to best implement it? The Product Team at Zype is committed to providing analytics to best help video content owners assess their consumer reach to optimize distribution and increase viewership.

Wanting to track analytics on pages is just as important as tracking analytics on any of your other owned and operated endpoints. You can track page analytics like engagement and streaming in the same Analytics dashboard as you view all other viewership data.

Within Analytics, under the Engagement tab, you'll find a "Domains" header towards the bottom of the page. Your engagement for pages will be listed by the "" domain, as seen in the below image:




You can also view engagement by device to determine how your engagement on desktop compares to other endpoints you might have. You can find more information on how to analyze your Engagement data HERE.

Additional analytics, like stream hours by video or stream hours by device, are available in the Streaming tab. You can discover more information on this data HERE.  


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