Below you’ll find that we’ve compiled commonly asked questions on the Publish to Facebook flow. If you’ve got a question we didn’t field, please send it over to


Which plans are eligible to use the Publish to Facebook flow?

All plans are eligible to publish content to facebook - we have no restrictions or additional cost associated to this feature. Publish away!


I can't see the Facebook icon to the right of my video - am I still able to post?

Only Zype Hosted (also known as "transcoded") content can be published to Facebook. Make sure to have your content transcoded if you are unable to see the Facebook icon, and this should fix the issue. 


I'm trying to publish to my page, but I keep getting a Missing field error saying I need to "choose where to publish" - what does that mean?

You are able to publish videos to your Facebook business page, but not your personal page. In order to publish, you'll need to select the proper (business) page from the dropdown in the "Choose where to publish" section of the metadata page. If you do not have a business page, you'll be unable to publish on Facebook.


I have a paywall on my video, but when I publish on Facebook it disappears - what’s going on?

Once you publish your content on Facebook, it is subject to Facebook’s Terms. To monetize on Facebook, creators and publishers need to meet the Monetization Eligibility Standards and adhere to the Content Guidelines for Monetization. Zype's push to Facebook removes monetization from your content to protect you from inadvertently violating Facebook’s standards and guidelines. If you’d like to maintain a paywall and still post this content on Facebook, you can create a video page and post your shortlink (visible with a video thumbnail) on your Facebook page.


I'd like to see analytics on a video I've recently published on Facebook - where can I access that?

Once you've published your video on Facebook, the engagement tracking now lives with the page on which it's been published. You can check out Facebook's Page Insights documentation for this. 


If I delete my video from the Zype Admin, or otherwise alter it after I've published on Facebook, will this remove the video from my Facebook page or break it? 

Once you've published your video on Facebook, the version on your Facebook business page is no longer tied to your Zype Admin video. You've effectively made a copy of your video for Facebook distribution. This means that any admin changes that are made (deletion, editing the file, etc) are not reflected on the Facebook side. 


I’d like to post the same video multiple times - how do I do this?

To post a video more than once, simply repeat the “Publish to Facebook” flow starting with the initial step of selecting the Facebook icon next to your desired video in the library. Each time you post your video, you’ll be able to edit the video title and description and determine privacy settings as well as where to publish. You’ll also be able to trim your content again.


I only see the option to share on Facebook - do you have other options for direct social sharing?

Facebook is our only destination for direct publishing today. However, we currently support publishing using video pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.  An additional bonus of using shortlinks is that any paywalls you have enabled will remain in tact for your viewers.


I’d like to add text to my post telling my followers what this is - where can I do that?

There are two spots where you can edit the text that appears on your final post: (1) Within the Publish to Facebook flow, in the Description box of the Edit Metadata page or (2) On your Facebook page, just like you’d edit any posts, just above your video thumbnail.


I'd like to post my content to my friend's wall - how is this done?

Once you've posted your Facebook content to your business page, you have the following additional sharing options: share on a friend's timeline, share to a group, share in an event, or share in a private message. Simply select your posted video to choose from the Facebook sharing options and select "Post".


My video is more than 20 minutes long - how can I make sure it still posts on Facebook?

You can easily trim you video in the “Publish to Facebook” flow, in the Edit Metadata step. Simply click on your video player in order for the trim tool to appear below. Drag and drop the cursors on either side of the scroll bar to trim the video. Select the video player once your cursors are in place to view the updated total video time.

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