Ready to publish? Make sure you’ve taken a look at our Overview which provides general information and prerequisites for posting directly to Facebook.

Remember, all content you publish on your Facebook business page will be subject to Facebook’s Terms. Additionally, to monetize on Facebook, creators and publishers need to meet the Monetization Eligibility Standards and adhere to the Content Guidelines for Monetization.

Take note: any subscription or transaction paywalls you’ve configured in the Zype Platform will not render on videos when you push to social. Not to worry though, these paywalls will still appear as expected on all your owned and operated endpoints.

Step 1 - Connect to your Facebook account

While in the Library, select the Facebook icon to the right of the video title you’d like to publish on Facebook


Connect to your Facebook accountpush-to-fb-3-edited.png

Log into Facebook                                                                                                                   push-to-fb-4.png

Select Continue to continue to your Facebook accountpush-to-fb-5.png

Select OK to manage your pagespush-to-fb-6.png

Review what you allow and select OK to complete your Facebook log inpush-to-fb-6.1-manage-ages.png


Step 2 - Edit Metadata

Your metadata pulls over from the existing information input into the video details page of your video.

You can choose to edit the following metadata within the Facebook flow:

  1. Confirm or edit your video title
  2. Edit or add a description
  3. Choose your publishing location (NOTE: you can only publish to a business page)
  4. Determine privacy
  5. Scroll down to complete video trimming

NOTE: Any changes made here will not alter the original metadata associated to this video in the Zype library. These changes will render only on your Facebook post, and will need to be updated each time you choose to post.

If you’d like to edit your original video metadata, you can exit the Facebook flow and return to the video library page to edit. Simply select the Facebook icon next to your video title to begin again.



Step 3 - Trim your video (Optional)

Facebook only accepts video posts that are under twenty minutes in duration. If your video is longer than twenty minutes, or if you’d like to post only a portion of your video, you can use our trimming tool. Click on the video player for the trimming tool to appear and drag and drop the cursors on either side of the scroll bar to trim the video to your desired length.push-to-fb-5-trim.png


Step 4 - Publish on Facebook

You are now ready to publish your video onto a page! After you select “Publish on Facebook” you’ll be presented with the confirmation page. Make sure you check out your post live on Facebook and add any desired commentary to the top of your post. You can always post on Facebook again by starting the flow over again, beginning in the library and selecting the Facebook icon for this video.

Select "Publish on Facebook"push-to-fb-5.1.pngYou should then presented with the confirmation page, indicating that your video is being added to your intended Facebook page. Depending on the length of your video, this could take up to fifteen minutes to complete. We suggest waiting a few minutes and refreshing your Facebook page to confirm it has been added.push-to-fb-confirmation-page.pngpush-to-FB-final.png


Step 5 - Share it out

You’ll also be able to share any content you've posted to a page on a friend's timeline, share to a group, share in an event, or share in a private message. Simply select your posted video to choose from the Facebook sharing options and select "Post".



Still have questions?

Check out our FAQs page to see if we've already answered them! Happy sharing :D

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