As a video business owner, it’s crucial that your content reach the eyes of your viewers. When looking to increase and expand the breadth of viewership, you’ll want to share your content in the most strategic places to ensure it is seen. Zype is committed to providing the most seamless ways for you to distribute your content to help increase your viewer base and allow your business to flourish.

Today, Zype offers a social sharing option to publish all Zype hosted content on your Facebook business page. This feature allows you to instantly push your video content from the Zype Platform to a page wall simply by clicking a few buttons. Increasing your social outlet will allow more eyes on that valuable content and help drive your business forward.




  • A valid and current Facebook account
  • A Facebook business page
  • A valid and current Zype account
  • Video content added (Zype Hosted or Self Hosted)
  • Authenticating your Facebook account completed

How can I share my content on social media today?

Getting started with social sharing is simple; follow our steps outlined HERE on how to authenticate your Facebook account. Once complete, sharing each video is just a few clicks away.


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