Lock Icons for Videos That Require Subscription Lock Icons for Videos That Require Subscription

Lock Icons for Videos That Require Subscription

Lock Icons

Apps built with the Zype SDKs have the ability to add lock icons to apps as a feature. When enabled, videos requiring a subscription will display red lock icons above the thumbnail images when the user is not subscribed. The red icons change to blue lock icons once the user signs in or links an account with a subscription or purchases a native subscription (if enabled).

Zype’s Android, iOS, and Fire TV (Java-based) apps will have lock icons by default. Lock icons are available for the Apple TV and Roku apps but need to be enabled in the config files. 


lock-icons-android.png unlock-icons-android.png


lock-icons-ios.png unlock-icons-ios.png

Fire TV (Java based) 

lock-icons-aftv.png unlock-icons-aftv.png

To enable lock icons on Apple TV:

1. Go to your Apple TV config file

2. Locate "Feature Flags"

4. Change "static let kLockIcons = false" to "static let kLockIcons = true"


5. Resubmit your Apple TV app to Apple for approval

 End Result:

lock-icons-appletv2.png unlock-icons-appletv2.png


To enable lock icons on Roku

*Note - This will only work for Roku apps that are up-to-date. If you have an outdated Roku app, you will need to update it, rebundle it, and resubmit for Roku to approve.

1. Go to "Manage Apps" in the Zype dashboard. 

2. Click on your Roku app you'd like to update.

3. Navigate to "Features" section at the top of the Roku builder page

4. Toggle "Enable Lock Icons" on and click "Save Settings"

Screen_Shot_2017-11-14_at_3.23.37_PM.png5. Resubmit your app to Roku to update

End Result:

lock-icons-roku.jpg unlock-icons-roku.jpg