Hero slider images, also known as top playlists, are designated videos or playlists you can promote at the top of your Roku, Amazon Fire TV (Java based) and Apple TV apps as previewed below.


 To create these for your apps from your Zype account, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Create the Zobject

In your Zype account, click the settings gear in the top right corner. Select Zobject Types from the menu. On the Zobjects Type page, click "New Zobject" in the top right corner.

Fill out the Zobject Details with the following information:

  • Title: top_playlists

If you create a top_playlist Zobject, the same sliders are used for Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV (Java based), iOS and Android mobile. You can read about how to enable sliders in your mobile apps HERE

You will create three custom attributes for your Top Playlist Zobject:

Playlist ID: This allows you to associate playlists to your sliders.

  • Name: playlistid
  • Type: String
  • Show List: Visible

Video ID: This allows you to associate videos to your sliders. Not applicable in Apple TV. This device does not currently support linking to videos.

  • Name: videoid
  • Type: String
  • Show List: Visible

Priority: This allows you to determine the order of the Top Playlists. The highest number will be the first image displayed. Not applicable for Roku and Amazon Fire TV (Java based). 

  • Name: priority
  • Type: integer (beginning with 1)
  • Show List: Visible

Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page. Here is what the completed Zobject should look like:


Step 2: Link a video or playlist ID

You will now select a video or playlist to promote at the top of your app. The sliders will link to a playlist or a video, depending on which field is filled out (playlistID or videoID).   


Note: If both the playlistid and videoid are included, the video will take priority and the app will link the user to the video.

Step 3: Upload a hero slider image 

When creating your Zobject, remember to include the image for your slider.

To add an image to a Top Playlist, click the Images tab. 

Click the +Add Image button and choose the image file, then click Save Changes at the bottom of the page. You will see the image preview when an image is added successfully.

The Top Playlist image should be in the following format:

  • 1740 x 700px, JPG


The app will only use the first image uploaded under the Zobject. If you want to replace the image, delete the old one and upload your new slider image.

Repeat Steps 2-3 to add additional Top Playlists. We suggest selecting 2-4 playlists or videos to promote.  

Hero Slider Endpoint Support

Please review our table below to see which endpoints support hero sliders pointing to videos or playlists. You'll also notice that some endpoints support hero sliders pointing to videos or playlists that are outside your primary playlist.

You can find out more about curating videos and playlists inside or outside the primary playlist HERE.

  Active Video ID Inside Primary Active Video ID Outside Primary Active Playlist ID Inside Primary Active Playlist ID Outside Primary


Supported Supported Supported Supported

AFTV (Java)

Supported Supported Supported Supported
Apple TV Not Supported Not Supported Supported Supported
Android Mobile Supported Supported Supported Supported
Apple iOS Supported Supported Supported Supported