Step 1: Rekey

1) In the Development Application Installer, click Utilities. This will open the following Package Utilities window.

*To navigate to the Development Application Installer, paste your Roku IP address into a web browser.

2) Click Upload to select the signed package you would like to use to rekey the player. Note - You should upload the .pkg file associated with your current live Roku app.  

3) Enter the password from genkey that matches the key used for the signed package. 

4) Click Rekey.


A success message will be displayed when the process is complete as seen in the following window.


Step 2: Sideload the New App

1) Download the new .zip file from your Zype platform.

2) Navigate back to the Development Application Installer, and click Installer. Upload the new .zip file that was downloaded from the Zype platform. 

*Please make sure that your Roku device and computer are connected to the same WiFi network

Step 3: Package the New App

1) From Development Application Installer, click Packager. This will open the following Package Utilities window. 


3) Enter your App Name, a new Version and the Password that was originally generated from the genkey process. 

4) This will generate a new .pkg file for you to resubmit to the marketplace. 

Continue reading our Resubmitting a Roku App documentation for step-by-step instructions on where to upload the new .pkg file in your developer account.