Subscription upgrade/downgrade on Roku Subscription upgrade/downgrade on Roku

Subscription upgrade/downgrade on Roku


Roku allows subscribers to upgrade and downgrade their subscriptions from within the app. To implement this functionality, please make sure that the following requirements are met. This might require development experience.


1. Enable product groups to be able to downgrade and upgrade.

  • Upgrade/downgrade. If a channel offers monthly and annual subscriptions, a product group that includes both plans must be created. Similarly, if a channel offers ad-supported and ad-free plans, those sets of products must be added to a product group.

2. Send the upgrade/downgrade action, as detailed in the Roku developer documentation. 

  • After sending the doOrder command, RokuApp hits the receipt-validator with the following parameters to the endpoint [v1/roku/subscriptions/plan-changes]


Upgrading vs Downgrading

When upgrading, Roku will automatically cancel the previous base plan and complete the purchase of the upgraded plan. A prorated credit will be created for the remaining balance on the base plan, which will then be applied to the purchase of the upgraded plan. 


When performing a downgrade, this will occur on the previous base plan’s expiration date. On that date, a new transaction ID will be created with the purchase price of the downgraded plan for future payment cycles.