Submitting an Android Mobile App Submitting an Android Mobile App

Submitting an Android Mobile App

If you have followed the steps to create your Android app package (APK file), then you are ready to upload your app to the Google Play store for review. 


  1. Google Play Developer Account
  2. Create an Android App with the SDK Template  
  3. Google Play Image Assets 

Step 1: Create Your App in the Play Console

To add your app to your Google Play developer account, sign into your account HERE.

On the Google Play console, click PUBLISH AN ANDROID APP ON GOOGLE PLAY if you have not created an Android app on your account before (see image below). Otherwise, navigate to All applications from the left menu and create your app there.


Step 2: Fill Out Store Listing Info

Before you can upload your APK to the store, you need to complete the Store Listing information for your app. Update the required fields (e.g. Title, Short Description, Full Description) and upload the necessary image assets.


Good To Know

You will need to include screenshots of the app. Watch this video to learn how to take screenshot of your Android mobile app! 


Step 3: Create an App Release

After you have filled out your Store Listing info, you are ready to upload your app package (APK file). Navigate to the App releases tab from the left menu, find the Production track, and click Manage.

The production track is the version of your app that will appear live on the Google Play store.


From Manage, you can select the Create Release (for first time submission or new app submission) or New Release (for updates to an existing live app) button to upload a new version of your app.


Good To Know

If you followed the steps in Zype’s documentation, your app should already be signed through Android Studio.

You can OPT-OUT of App signing by Google Play. After opting out of the app signing, proceed with uploading your Android app package (.apk file).


You can upload a new APK by clicking Browse Files. If you already uploaded your APK, you can search for it by clicking Add From Library.



You should see a success message after uploading a valid APK.


Step 4: Fill Out Content Rating and Pricing Info

Before you can submit your app for marketplace review, you’ll need to complete the Content rating and Pricing & distribution tabs on the left menu.

Step 5: Submit Your App For Review

You should see green check marks next to the following sections: App releases, Store listing, Content rating and Pricing & distribution. The check marks will indicate whether or not the required information has been completed.


If all the required information has been completed, you should be able to go back to your Production track release under App releases and click Start Rollout to Production.

Clicking this button will submit your Android mobile app for marketplace review. If the app passes Google’s review process, it should go live in the Google Play Store within hours.