Apple Developer Account Setup Apple Developer Account Setup

Apple Developer Account Setup

To create an Apple Developer Account you must have an Apple ID. If you're interested in creating apps for distribution, enroll in the Apple Developer Program. Membership includes access to beta OS releases, advanced app capabilities, and tools needed to develop, test, and distribute apps and Safari extensions. You must be 18 years or older to join.

Note: If Zype is publishing your Apple TV app, you'll need to invite the Zype team to access your account.

Step 1

To create an Apple Developer account please go to and click Account in the top right corner. 

Enter your Apple ID and click Sign In.

Step 2

Review the Apple Developer Agreement and when you're done click Submit.

Step 3

Add your email, name, and country. 

You will also have to select how you're submitting your app. 

Step 4

You can either develop apps as an individual or company. 

Individuals or sole proprietors/single person businesses. Apps are sold on the App Store under the developer's personal name.

Organizations. Apps are sold on the App Store under the organization's legal entity name. Companies and educational institutions must provide a D-U-N-S Number (available for free) registered to their legal entity during the enrollment process:

Step 5

If you're creating your Apple Developer Account as an organization you will either select that you're the owner/founder or that you have authority to bind it to legal agreements. 

Step 6

You'll enter the company name, D-U-N-S number, website, phone number, and email.

Step 7 

Decide if you would like to auto renew your Apple Developer account and complete your purchase. 

Congratulations! You've purchased an Apple Developer Account.