Zype's Apple TV template is written in Swift programming language, allowing you the most modern features available to tvOS apps. As of 2021, our template application is based on Swift 5.0, the most recent iteration of this programming language. 

You may notice some changes in your Apple TV app when updating from an older version to the most recent Apple TV template. Review this article for an overview of the updates you can expect to see.

Design Updates

Perhaps the most notable design update when shifting from an older version of Apple TV to the latest Swift version is the top menu navigation. The updated version of the Zype Apple TV template will render a new top menu design. See below for a light theme comparison of the top menu updates, with the previous design at left and the new design at right:

appletvoldlight.png AppleTVLight.png
See below for a dark theme comparison of the top menu updates, with the previous design at left and the new design at right:

appletvolddark.png AppleTVDark.png

Functional Enhancements

With the latest and greatest version of Swift, your app will be leveraging the most up to date programming concepts, affording you better performance and compatibility with the latest XCode versions. 



Will my current version of XCode be compatible with the latest Zype Apple TV template?

Zype’s Apple TV app is built using Swift 5.0. When assessing XCode updates, be sure to review Apple’s XCode documentation on minimum requirements and supported SDKs here.  


Will my software be able to load the latest Zype Apple TV template application?

Depending on which computing platform you’re using today, our update to Swift 5 may impact your ability to load an Apple TV app built using the latest Zype template. Review the current version history and OS compatibility chart here


I have an old app bundle from Zype that I haven’t run pod install on yet - will it work?

With the Swift 5 update, we recommend you get a fresh bundle from your tvOS application page. Make sure you visit the Video Apps page to locate the proper tvOS app profile. Once there, select GET NEW BUNDLE to ensure you have the latest code that includes the most updated Swift components.


Other questions? Email our team at support@zype.com