Creating Native Subscription in Roku Creating Native Subscription in Roku

Creating Native Subscription in Roku

You will need a Roku developer account and to be signed up for Roku Billing Services in order to enable native subscriptions (In-App Subscription) for your Roku Channel. If you have not created a developer account, please visit our documentation here

To create a Native Subscription, please follow the steps below:

1. Log into your Roku developer account.


2. Go into your developer dashboard by clicking Developer site from the dropdown menu under the Welcome [ Your Name ] button at top. 


3. Click on Manage My In-Channel Products under My Channels.


4. Click the Add a Product button.

5. In the product form you will need to fill out the following fields:

  • Channels - This is the list of channels you want your native subscription to be associated with.
  • Product Name - This is the name of your subscription and the same name that will show up on your subscription buttons and messages. Example: MySubPlan for $2.99 will display as a MySubPlan at $2.99 button.
  • Identifier - This is an internal reference number for the plan. For a Zype Roku app, this needs to be a subscription plan id in order for native subscriptions to work.
  • Purchase Type - This is the type of product you are setting up. The only native subscriptions offered by Roku are Monthly Subscription and Yearly Subscription.
  • Price Tier - The price that you want to set your native subscription at

  • Cleared for Sale - This needs to be set in order for your subscription to show up in your app. If you do not set this as true before you submit your app, it will be rejected.

  • Free Trial Period (Optional) - This is the free trial you want to offer before the customer is charged for the subscription.


6. After you have filled out the fields for your subscription, click Create to submit your in-app purchase to the Roku billing team.


Note - You will need to wait for the Roku billing team to approve your subscription. 

You should see the status of your subscription update from Saved to Approved in your In-Channel Products page once the subscriptions are approved by Roku. 

Click to continue setting up subscriptions on a per video basis in the Zype platform.