Preview, Test and Submit your Amazon Fire TV App Preview, Test and Submit your Amazon Fire TV App

Preview, Test and Submit your Amazon Fire TV App


The following article breaks down the process to preview, test and submit your Amazon Fire TV app. There are a few steps Amazon asks you to do that are slightly more technical and may be best for a developer; these steps will be notated within the below documentation.

Part 1: Preview the HTML App

Follow the below steps to preview your Amazon Fire TV beta app before submission to the marketplace.

  • Install Amazon's Web App Tester.
  • Add and Preview your Amazon Fire TV-HTML beta app on the Web App Tester (Note - This step may require developer support). 

Part 2: Test and Edit App Settings

Amazon will preform QA tests during the submission process and flag anything that looks like an error. So we recommend testing your app before submission to ensure it looks and functions as desired so that Amazon does not flag anything and stall the app submission process.

Please follow the steps below to ensure your app is ready for submission.

1. If you're monetizing your app, check to make sure your monetization pieces are set up correctly.

  • If you’re advertising, check to make sure ads are functioning the way you’d expect. Please refer to the steps HERE if you need to finalize advertising for your app.
  • If you’re monetizing with Universal Subscription, make sure you’ve followed the steps outlined HERE.

2. Scroll through all of your playlists and videos and make sure all thumbnails have images associated with them so that none of your thumbnails are empty black boxes.

3. Check to make sure your videos are playing properly. If you're having any issues with video playback, use these helpful guidelines to diagnose and resolve the issue.

4. Add slider images to promote specific pieces of content and enhance the aesthetics of your home screen (Optional, but recommended). Learn more about what these are and how to set them up.  

Part 3. Submit your app:

 In order to submit your app to Amazon, you'll need to have your Amazon store images, your downloaded app package and the screenshots you'll create below. 

  1. Create 3-10 screenshots of your app (this step may require a developer)
  2. Follow these steps to finalize submission within Amazon's portal 

Congrats! Once you've completed the above steps, you've successfully submitted your app. 

It takes Amazon 1-2 weeks to review and approve your app to go live in the marketplace. You should be receiving an email once your app has gone through Amazon's submission process. 

Please note, all edits you make to your Amazon app before, during or after the submission process should reflect within your app in real-time. In order to see any edits made, leave your app within your Amazon Fire TV device, and reopen your app. 

Edits to your app that require a resubmission:

  1. If a developer has made enhancements to your app package, this new app package will need to be uploaded and submitted within your Amazon developer portal. 
  2. If you want to update any store images that Amazon requires, these images should be uploaded directly within your Amazon developer portal to be resubmitted.