Amazon Fire TV Sliders (HTML based) Amazon Fire TV Sliders (HTML based)

Amazon Fire TV Sliders (HTML based)

Sliders are the rotating hero images at the top of your Amazon Fire TV app on your home screen. Clicking into a slider will open to a specific video.



You can add or edit the slider images in your Zype account by navigating to "Sliders" on the Zype menu. 


If you have not created your Sliders ZObject, you can create one HERE. The Title should be "slider" and it should have a priority Integer as an attribute.


Click the "Add new slider" button in the top right to add a new hero image.

Use the "Details" tab to enter the title and mark the slider as active by selecting "On" (if it isn't already selected). Both the title and description will be displayed on the Amazon Fire app.

Use the "Images" tab to add the hero image. This should be 1920 x 700px, JPG. We recommend uploading around 3-5 images with a maximum limit of 12.

The last step is to add the video that the hero image will open to if it's selected in the Amazon Fire app. Go to the "Videos" tab, click "Add Video", and select the video you would like to link to this hero image. 
Once this is complete, click save.
Leave your Amazon Fire TV app and open it back up to reveal your new slider(s)!