Roku Request For Information (RFI) screen Roku Request For Information (RFI) screen

Roku Request For Information (RFI) screen


Zype’s Roku templated app now displays the Roku Pay Request for Information (RFI) screen, which prompts customers to confirm that Roku may share their Roku customer account information with the calling channel in order to sign up/sign in to that channel prior to allowing the user to enter the login credentials on the known screens/views. This enables channels to create and update customer accounts in their system without requiring customers to manually enter their personal information in an account creation screen.


This RFI screen will automatically be filled with the device’s associated email address (rather than Zype’s consumer email). If this RFI is declined, the screen will close and the regular screen to input credentials will be shown to the user.


To pass the certification, all authenticated channels (SVOD, TVOD, other subscription services, and AVOD) must use the getUserData command to display a Request For Information (RFI) screen during the sign-up and sign-in workflows to enable customers to share their Roku account information with the channel. Only if the user declines the request may the channel require the customer to manually enter their information.


For more information please navigate through the Roku Developer Documentation article linked here